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Welcome to Poppenmoon, where you can view the one of a kind Fantasy Art dolls, created by me, artist and puppeteer, Tricia Lancia. 
I have created dolls and puppets for over 30 years.  My interest in puppetry and sculpting originated while working in theatre as a costume designer.  Creating costumes, masks and puppets, inspired me to make character dolls.  Dollmaking for me was a natural transition from creating characters for the stage. 
"Poppenmoon" is the reincarnation of my  former business,
"Full Moon Creations" originated in 1979.  I created soft-sculptured dolls, puppets and fantasy creatures.  Among my first creations were original characters, called Beasties, Snerks, Snerds, Aunt Flo and Big Bertha. 
I currently find sculpting in polymer clay the most satisfying medium to work in.  My latest cast of characters include : Fairies, Elves, Pixies, Forest Friends and other fantasy creatures.  All of my fantasy sculptures are original designs and created as one of a kind.
Each piece is unique and will never be reproduced, as they are all puresculpts and made without the use of molds.